The PETRA Preacher NEEDS OUR HELP! (scroll to bottom for more details!)

The premier episode of The PETRA Preacher features Whole World - inspiring you with the theology of PETRA songs, in honour of PETRA celebrating 50 years of ministry. FYI, I turned 50 years old this year too!
This weeks episode features Underground... a song about Christian persecution... standing for truth, standing for God and standing for fellow believers enduring persecution. What will WE do when it comes to OUR Nation!? Maybe it already has!
You are My Rock is a song about Jesus - the ultimate Rock being under our feet if we allow Him to be. He can provide a steadiness and fortitude during our circumstances, that is unparalleled. In this episode we talk about how life is seemingly 'unfair' at times... and what to do about it!
Hey My name is Julian Downward. I’m a Pastor in the UK whose life has been changed by PETRA and their music. I first heard PETRA’s ‘Back to the street’ album shortly after its launch and I was hooked there and then. I was 13 years old. This band ministers, they don’t just play music. For me, The Spirit of God, so obviously behind the music, is what makes this a very special ministry. They’ve recently turned 50... and so have I...and I felt God challenge me to create multi-media messages (sermons) out of PETRA’s songs. We all know they’re full of Bible references... and that’s the reason the music still speaks today..but have you ever stopped and looked into the Biblical texts listed at the top of each song? With ‘The PETRA Preacher’ videos, we do!  We share the Word of God, personal stories and travel far and wide to bring you a sermon that will hopefully inspire, encourage and challenge you. The films also include some World and Band history in every episode... so check out The PETRA Preacher today and be blessed.

If you would be interested in having a Petra themed bible study at your church (or just want to know when new podcasts are published) Please sign up below!
The Petra Preacher NEEDS OUR HELP!

When you do something for the Lord, often the devil attacks (It's how you know you are putting the hurt on him!) The church he pastors has been told they need to vacate the place they are renting in 3 weeks. We want to help him find a new building! Here is how you can help!

1) PRAY: that the LORD opens the RIGHT door for a new building

2) REACH OUT: If you know anyone in the Bournemouth Dorset, Poole or Christchurch area that has a building where 50-100 people can meet, please ask them to contact Pastor Julian Downward at

3) GIVE: Moving is very expensive! If the LORD leads you may donate directly to the church at

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